Compilation of technically specified detailed tenders


The basic performance according to AHO- publications, edition 28, phase 2.2, preparation of single texts for the reference details is not performed by us.


With our office a..t..f architektur technik fassade, we rather compile detailed specified tenders as a complete service, according to a well known and proven system within the branch.
It includes:


Determination of the minimum facade-technical requirements within the ZTV. (additional technical contracting agreements, short ATC).


Assignment of certain facade-areas within the description of positions.


Detailed description of the different facades, their connections and insert units.


Mass-related short-tender including a mass determination , using the conducting plans of the architects.


Development of position plans to assign the different performances.


Compilation of a door list for the doors in facade-construction.


Our office a..t..f architektur technik fassade attaches high importance to the detailed elaboration of our tender, for single awardings, as well as for general contractors awardings.
Due to long time experience, we are firmly convinced that the requirements of the architect and the principal can be demanded towards the conducting company, solely by the means of very detailed tenders and reference details. The performance which is to be offered must be clearly defined to make an offer and also for the further conducting.

Even a combination of general requirements upon technique of facades (ATC) and a mass-related short -tender are not sufficient to define a facade construction uniquely and professionally.

The reference details of a..t..f architektur technik fassade, display (in unit with the detailed tender) the requirements on the technique of facade and the results of the consultancy during the previous phases of conduction.

The technically specified and detailed tender, compiled by us, comprehensively describes the performance which is to be conducted, and includes the requirements for technique of facade, the results of the consultancy during the previous phases of conduction, and the detailed requirements on the different trades of facade, as elaborated in the reference-details planning.

Tender and reference details are being coordinated within our office up to the day of tender distribution.
Thus, our tender is being conducted as a more strongly deepened and detailed description, compared to a tender according to HOAI.

Due to the fact that the compilation of a tender is already a basic performance of the architect, according to HOAI, this specified performance could not be included into the AHO publications as a complete-performance.

Qur office, a..t..f architektur technik fassade, performs solely the complete-performance for a tender, here our performance overlaps the performance of the architects.


Updating, review/changing of the tender after distribution and before awarding.


Separate tender for a mock-up façade.


Participation in regular project meetings (according to separate agreements).

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