Compilation of reference details in 1:1 scale


Compilation of reference details in 1:1 scale to display basic and substantial types of construction.

(ASP) a..t..f architektur technik fassade puts high values on the grade of detailing, reflected in our reference details.
  The number of details per project depends on the size and complexity of the planned building.


Generally a..t..f architektur technik fassade will draw approximately 35-50 reference-details for an object of medium size ( 3-5 Million € facade ) and add them to the tender.
Revision and changing of the first basic reference details for the facade, until coordination with the architect is part of our basic performance.

Due to long year experience we are firmly convinced, that the requirements of the architect and the principal towards the conducting company can solely be demanded by very detailed reference-details. The performance which is to be offered must be clearly defined to make an offer and also for the further conducting.


The reference details of a..t..f architektur technik fassade, display (in unit with the detailed tender) the requirements on the technique of facade and the results of the consultancy during the previous phases of conduction..

  With their high grade of detailing our reference details display, system- and product-independant , the basic and substantial types of construction, as well as the high quality aspects of a facade, so as to define the requirements on execution quality and design, and to fix the interfaces for the trade facade.
While compiling the reference details, we develop specialized aluminium-profiles (object-profiles) independent from the choice of the profile manufacturer, in case this is necessary for economically, or design reasons. We hereby respect the profile-characteristics of the manufacturer, tested and approved by the building authorities. See for this our references, some reference details are shown there.

Our reference details represent the most economical solution for the desired architecture. It is understood that other aspects, like technical concerns of the facade, building-physical parameters of the carcass-situation or other statical basics, are considered.


Basic for the development of the reference details are the conducting plans of the architect (his performance according to HOAI § 33, Abs 5). The development of the reference details is performed as a deeply detailing, towards the conducting plans of the architect. It is regarding construction, fixing and anchoring, heat insulation and inside and outside sealing, while taking into consideration facade-technique-concerns and building-physical parameters of the carcass-situation and -deformation.


Dispite their grade of detailing, the facade-reference-details are no shop-drawings for the further planning of the conducting-company, and definitely no conducting-plans according to HOAI, they end with the composition of the tender documents for the concerned trade of facade.
The reference details become, in unit with the tender, contract-basic for the contractor-facade. For this purpose they are attachments to the tender and are added in a reduced scale of DIN A3.


The necessary construction- and mounting-plans are compiled solely by the conducting company, basing on our reference details.


Revision and/or changing of reference details according to coordination with the architect, for example including changes on the facade or changes regarding subsequent trades, in the complete set of plans.


3D-schematic-scetch of the facade.


Continuous development of the reference details after the distribution of the tender, respectively after the awarding procedure.


Outlining partial elevations.


Development of isothermal curves for certain details.


Outlining of a mock-up facade, in elevation and reference details.


Development and drawings of elevations, ground plans and facade-sections.


Participation in regular project meetings (according to separate agreements).


Development of a detailed mounting-procedure and/or a detailed mounting-logistics for conducting the work on the facade under special requirements.

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